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Jerusalem Highlights
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Main Theaters and Concert Halls

  • Jerusalem Theatre, 20 Marcus David St., Talbia. In addition to its plays, the theatre also hosts dancing shows, music, and films. The theatre also presents drawing exhibitions, and includes a café and bookstore. 
  • Khan Theatre, 2 David Remez Square. The only creative repertory theatre in Jerusalem, it also serves as a popular recreation center with the atmosphere of a typical Jerusalem yard.
  • Gerard Bechar Center, 11 Bezalel St. – A theatre and show hall in the center of the city. The place consists of two halls, the central theatre, and the Leo Model hall for smaller-scale shows.
  • Shmuel House, 6 Shama'a Eliyahu St. – An international culture and education center of the world union for advanced Judaism. Its events include a variety of quality activities, which are aimed at a crowd seeking Jewish-Israeli culture, which is both dynamic and constantly developing. The place includes very impressive 400-seat theatre, study classrooms of various sizes, and a spectacular events hall roofed by a glass dome, which overlooks the Old City walls.
  • Concert Hall in the YMCA Building, 26 King David St. – One branch of the Christian organization, which is active all across the world. The house serves as a youth hostel, and as a culture and sports center, and is considered to be one of the most prestigious buildings in Jerusalem. The construction of the Jerusalem branch was started in 1926, designed by the American architect Arthur Loomis Harmon, who also designed the Empire State Building in New York. The building and its large yard were opened in 1933 in the presence of General Allenby, who in command of the British Army during the conquest of Jerusalem in 1917.
  • The Lab, 28 Derech Hebron – A new center for stage arts, established by the JVP non-profit organization in order to advance the artistic community in Jerusalem through unique productions that present different and innovative ways of expression in the stage arts field. The Lab is active in a stone hangar next to the old train station in the heart of Jerusalem. The hangar has been renovated, and tailored to the needs of the Lab's activities. It now includes a 180-seat theatre, and a restaurant bar, which is open until late.
  • The Yellow Submarine, 13 HaRehavim St. – A multi-field music center, located in the heart of the Talpiot industrial zone in Jerusalem. The Submarine consists of a large show hall, and a diverse drinks bar serving snacks and food.
  • Music Center in Mishkanot Shaananim – A unique musical institution, which allows the students and musicians to meet and work with top-level colleagues from across the globe in artistic classes, workshops, seminars, shows, and special projects. Most of the activities are open to the music-loving public.
  • HaKaron Theatre, Gan Paamon Hadror, 1 Jabotinsky St., corner of King David St. – A puppet theatre – the creative force behind and the main inspiration for Israeli puppet theatre. In the early years, the theatre also produced shows for adults, but today its productions are mainly aimed at children.
  • Pargod Theatre, 94 Bezalel – For over 30 years, Pargod has produced and presented fringe theatre, jazz, ethnic music, reggae, blues, etc. In addition to cultural events, literature, and poetry, Pargod also promotes the work of young local artists. Website:
  • Vocal Concerts at the Dormition Church – The Dormition Church, founded in 1906, is one of the most grand and beautiful of the many churches scattered throughout Israel. The church is located at the peak of Mount Zion, next to the southern wall of the Old City of Jerusalem. Concerts have been held at this church for about a decade, on Saturday mornings at 11:00am. Featuring the church’s two large organs, as well as the majestic artistic décor of its architecture and stained glass windows, the church has extraordinary acoustics. After the concerts, fascinating tours of the area are held by the finest tour guides. These walking tours of Jerusalem intensify this human-artistic experience from an historical perspective, and attract visitors from across the country.  

    The Voices 2000 Dormition Church Website:

    For a schedule of events: 

  • The Abu Ghosh Vocal Music Festival – The Abu Ghosh festival is the main vocal music festival in Israel, and takes place twice a year, for 3-5 days during the Shavuot and Sukkot holidays in the village of Abu Ghosh. An absolute paradise for vocal music aficionados, the Abu Ghosh festival features a unique combination of a beautiful village with spectacular scenery, magnificent churches with the finest acoustics in Israel, rich and diverse musical programs, and a unique audience that both listens and sings. The festival manages to attract diverse audiences, young and old, due to its creative wealth and its successes in Israel and overseas, and many international artists ask to perform at the festival.

    Festival website:

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